47th Virginia Infantry

2017 Events

I               Montpelier LH       Feb. 3rd Federal troops 3rd ANV + invited Confederate Units (47th)

CE          School of the Soldier           Feb 25th (rain date Mar 4th)

 CE          Battle of New Berne            Mar 11-12      Dover NC

I             C.W. Roundtable (headcount) Mar 22nd Fred Ray speaker – Jepson Center, UMW Campus

I             Stanardsville Event                 Apr 1-2            Stanardsville VA

I             Appomattox LH - NPS            Apr 7-9            Appomattox VA – 11th VA

CE          Yorktown Battlefield             Apr 7-9            Motion by Jeremy for Company Event. Passed

I             CW Spotsy Kids Camp          Apr 21               Spotsylvania CH

I             Fort AP Hill LH                           Apr 27             (Thurs)

I             Battle of McDowell                 May 5-7          Jimmy moved for Individual Event.  Passed. (campaign)

CE         Battle of New Market            May 19-21     New Market, VA.  LC in command.

I             7-days Campaign                     June 2-4          Endview Plantation, Lee Hall VA (campaign style)

I             Cold Harbor NPS                      June 2-4         Cold Harbor Battlefield Park

CE         Battle of Gettysburg              Jul 1-3              Yingling Farm “old movie site” Gettysburg PA

CE         1st Manassas LH                        Aug 25-27      Manassas Battlefield Park

CE          Yankees in Falmouth             Sep 8-10        Jimmy moved it be a Company Event; Shawn 2nd.

I              Fort Harrison LH                      Sep 28-30       Fort Harrison NPS

 ?            DuCard Vineyard LH              Sep 29-30       Etlan, VA - tabled to School of the Soldier

CE          Cedar Creek                              Oct 13-15       Middletown VA

CE         Weems-Botts Museum        Oct 28-29th     Dumfries VA.  Brent moved this be a CE; Dave H. 2nd

CE          155th Fredericksburg              Dec 9-10th      LH & 47th Christmas Party

KEY:  CE = Company Event:  Max Effort (company registration).  I = Individual Event (register yourself). If you do register yourself, please let the scribe know for company camp planning purposes.